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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Part Twenty-One - Maria Takes Over Completely And Talks About Love

Okay folks. Hey, are you here? Let's pay attention folks! Hut hut hut! Stand at attention like a soldier and pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria is in the house and I am going to tell you all about love. This Guilty Pleasures is about people telling, wondering, admitting and fighting about love. Have a good time folks, and watch the show! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First up - this one is about people telling about love. These guys are the Beatles!!!! Yeah!!!! And this is one of their first big songs, from way back in 1963, when my dad was a baby. Here we are, introducing:

The next one is from 10 years later, in 1973. These guys know something about love, but they don't seem sure. So they are wondering. Here are the Spinners asking the musical question

Okay, Dad tells me that the next one is from the disco era. I think that's sorta true. There are people dancing, so I guess it's possible. Here it is folks, the Emotions, from 1977, admitting that you've got:

Finally, sometimes people fight a little bit about love. Oh well, that's the way things are when people are pretty or handsome. So, here are Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney from late in 1982, having an argument about a girl. The both say that:

Polls are open. Go ahead and vote, people! And I'm hoping to see some comments here! So get voting - I picked all the songs personally. So you'd better vote, people! Or else I'll have to sic my Webkinz on you again!

Maria forever! And here's my ending joke:

Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Because chickens weren't invented yet!


At 3:19 PM , Blogger Mark Heuring said...

Cool idea, Maria. This way I get to vote! Tough one, too! I'm going to have to go with the Beatles, but I like all of these songs. Good job, Maria!


At 5:56 PM , Blogger Mike said...

Gosh Maria, this is a tough vote for me. But, I think I am going to vote for "Best of My Love." But, it's very close.

At 7:58 PM , Blogger Uncle Ben said...

Ok, I actually like "She Loves You" best, but there's just something about Disco that defies explanation. Seeing the "Soul Train" in the background and the fashion disasters dancing aways... Well, it just made me kind of happy. So my vote goes for "Best of my Love".


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