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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is John Madden cheating Lenny?

We're not sure yet, but we think that the Madden 08 game won't be available for Game Boy. Ben is not happy about this, since he has a Game Boy. But the reason I'm putting this on my blog is because maybe they'll start putting DS games for Game Boy, like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which we want, too! And if you want to find Lenny's personality, go to Ben's Sportsblog (www.bens-sportsblog.blogspot.com) for more info. And if you go look there, you'll find the Canadian Life Form's side of the story.



At 5:24 PM , Blogger Mark said...

Ben says,

Maria, you're right. Those brainwashed fools will come to their senses soon, or else I will personally storm the factory where they make those wicked games and I'll convert them to GameBoy and burn every video system except for the Game Boy, and force everyone to buy them.

WHOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! That was my evil laugh. Pretty good, huh?


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