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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day

Well, you know it's the day, the day, the day, the day, the day, well, you know. The day. The day before Thanksgiving.

Well, I guess you could eat mayonnaise with soy sauce, but of course that would taste like a brick. Maybe not as hard as a brick, but as bad as a brick. Now, you know you're very excited about Thanksgiving, but there's one other thing you have forgotten. Well, maybe not forgotten, but never noticed. You may have never even known it in your whole life.

TODAY IS MY BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's turning 12 today. Dum dum da da dum, dum dum da da dum, he's 12 -- poosh! Waaaah for him, because now he's too old to eat kid's meals at most restaurants. But at least he's 12!

So, are you going somewhere for Thanksgiving/Turkey Day? Well, maybe you're going to hot and stinky Texas, the Lone Star State. Or you're going to Mississippi, where you'll swim and swim and try not to get run over by a huge boat, or the Titanic, or the ghost of the Titanic. Or you're just going to someplace that's not very far. Well, this year I'm back to the Cheeseheaders in WISCONSIN!!!!!!!! La la la ee la ee lo lo lo. And I'm going to go to Madison, not the town of Miley Cyrus. And I'm going to see maybe about 10 relatives or so, like aunts and uncles and cousins and my knees and my backpack and maybe I'll bring Chubby and maybe, just maybe I'll see a refrigerator come to life. But of course, that might not happen; I guess the cheese and all the other stuff will fall out as zombies and maybe they'll say: WHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Or, AAAAAUUUUUGGGH, ZOMBIES SHALL RULE THE EARTH! THE ORANGISH SKIN WILL COME OFF TO TRAP YOU AND YOU'LL FLY TO ANTARCTICA BY WAYS OF EGGS, AND JUST MAYBE FREEZE! WHAHAHAHAHA!

So there are some things that might not happen. Now you know what is going to happen next - the GRAND FINALE, FOLKS!

Jokes, jokes, jokes! Knock knock/Who's there/Turkey/Turkey Who?/Turkey scored a touchdown! Knock knock/Who's there/Grackle/Grackle Who?/Grackle made a tackle! Knock knock/Who's there/Ham/Ham Who?/Hamdingers, hamdingers, just heat 'em up in the frying pan! Knock knock/Who's there/Big Orange Hairy Monster/Big Orange Hairy Monster Who?/Ding dong, Ri Rant Ret Ruh Roor Ropen! Raggy!

Thank you for coming to the Italians Slipping Sliding Goo Factory. Hope to see you again on the About Me Show. Da da da ta da da da daaaaaaa!




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