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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fun fun fun at the State Fair

I went to the State Fair. It was very, very fun. I found my friends there. One of the friends I found was a girl named Hannah. There was another one of my friends there, too. Her name is Gretchen.

We rode on a lot of rides. The first one was a roller coaster, but I don't think that Gretchen liked it. I liked it and I think Hannah did, too. The next ride only Hannah and me rode on it. It was called the Lady Bug. It was very fun. First, it started to go fast forwards, then it went fast backwards. Then Hannah left. After that, Gretchen and I went to the bumper boats. When that was done, we went on the Star Jumper, but then Gretchen and I both only had four tickets left. Gretchen went on a train ride; I went through a maze.

That's all - bye!


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